Once you sign up on Guava, you automatically get four (4) wallets. The following are the available Guava Wallets and what you can do with the currency they support:

  1. Naira: Withdraw and Deposit your fiat (Naira)
  2. Bitcoin: Send and Receive
  3. Etherum: Send and ReceiveĀ 
  4. Ripple: Send and Receive

The Guava wallet has a simple design that allows you to keep tabs on all transactions in and out of your wallet. By clicking on any of the wallets, you can easily see the historical view of transactions for the selected wallet on the right panel of the page

In the above image, a click on Bitcoin wallet shows that 2 deposits were made into the account and three (3) withdrawals were also made from it. This trasaction record keeping is the same for all the wallets.

Remember, to use the Guava buy feature you need to fund your naira wallet first.

See here for details about funding your naira wallet.

All you have to do to be able to use your wallets is to pass your KYC verification for level 1. See here for help on how to do that.

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