a. Profile
This is where your essential details like User ID, email, name, address, etc. are displayed. On the first login and after first KYC level has been passed, the only data shown on your profile are the User ID assigned to you and the information you provided at sign up. More data will be displayed on your Profile tab after you provide more details about yourself in the second KYC level. 

The delete button is also on your profile page. This is where you go if you should decide to close your Guava account at any point in the future. 

You also have bank account button on your profile page. Clicking on the bank account button takes you to your bank account form as shown in the image below:

Your name is already pre-filled in the form from your account, so, you only have to add your Bank name and 10-digit NUBAN account number, then click submit.

Note that your account details must be submitted before you can make a deposit or withdrawal order. Also, note that your Guava account name must always match your bank account name for your withdrawal to be processed.

b. Preference

Preference tab is right beside the Profile tab. This is where you choose the type of emails you want to receive from us.

After doing all these, click on the "Save" button to save any changes you make.

c. Security

The Security tab is where you update your security settings. If you haven't enabled your 2FA, here is where you do that. 

See here for more on enabling your 2FA

d. Levels

This where you check and update your current KYC Level and its Limit. For more on this, check here.

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