The buy and sell page has two (2) tabs. They are the buy tab and the sell tab. 

This is a simple design that can be toggled easily to process your buy or your sell orders.
So, if you plan on buying an asset, you click on the buy tab to get started and, if you want to sell an asset, you click on the sell tab.

Each of these tabs is divided into two sections. They are:

a. Input Section
b. Summary Section

a. Input Section

 This is where you select and enter the details of your purchase or sale.

The input section have several features to help you with your transaction as shown in the image below:

  1. This is where you select the currency you want to transact in, e.g., BTC, ETH, XRP, etc
  2. This is where you input the amount you want to buy or sell. When you fill the amount input box, it will be automatically calculated for you in naira. E.g., Inputting 1 in the ethereum box automatically showed the Naira value as N2million naira

  3. This shows the current available balance in your Naira account before your               transaction

  4. This is an alternative to entering figures in the amount input box. Here you only choose the percentage of your wallet balance that represents the value you want to use in  the transaction. 

In the above image, selecting 50% of a Naira wallet balance with a total of N42,000 means N21,000 worth of ETH will be bought.

5. This shows the buy or sell button which is clicked after confirming the details of the transaction from the summary section.

b. Summary section

This is where you see the summary of your choices in the input section. 

At the top, you have the amount of asset you are buying or selling and the rate at which you are doing so. Next, you have the payment method, wallet balance, and asset wallet. The last part of the summary is where you have the transaction value, the transaction fee, and the total.

Note that the summary section of the sell tab is a little different from that of the buy tab. As shown below, the sell summary does not have payment method because you are receiving and not paying.

Visit here for more details on how to buy and sell on Guava.

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