A quick guide to using Guava

Guava is a secure digital Asset platform which provides Nigerians with the means and opportunity to participate in the modern financial markets safely. Using Guava, you can buy, sell, transfer, trade and store digital assets at your convenience.

What Guava can do for you?

Guava takes enlightenment and education very serious. You will be educated and gently introduced to the world of cryptocurrency and digital assets as a whole

Guava can be your wallet, your business place for buying, selling and changing digital currencies.

Guava provides a curated list of investment opportunities that can easily be bought and sold in units priced as low as 1000 Naira.

Guava gives you up to four free wallets for different cryptocurrencies.

Guide To Getting Started

1. Getting Verified for KYC Level 1 after Sign Up

After logging into your Guava Account for the first time, the first thing you see is the notice to complete your mobile number verification by entering the OTP code sent to the number provided by you.

After doing this, you are now a level 1 KYC user and, you can now deposit, buy and sell digital assets on Guava.

See here for detailed steps on KYC level verifications.

2. Deposit Funds

Now that you are a level 1 KYC user, it is time to check out all the wallets you have in your Guava account. From your account menu on the left side of the page, click on Wallets.

Your wallet is where you keep your digital assets and records of transactions on them. Please see here for more details about your wallet.

Your wallet is empty at this point, but that can change easily when you click on the deposit button on your Naira wallet to make fiat deposits or the receive button on your Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple wallets to generate wallet address for asset deposits.

Please visit here for details on making your fiat deposits.

3. Buy & Sell

Now that you have funds in your wallet, the next thing to do is to use that fund for buying any digital asset of your choice. 

First, you click on Buy & Sell in your account menu, then input the necessary details, click on "Place your buy order" and you are done. The naira equivalent of your purchase will be debited from your Naira wallet, and your Digital Asset wallet will be credited automatically.

See more details on buying and selling here.

Getting Help on Guava

It doesn't matter whether you are experienced or new to digital assets, Guava is here to ensure you have a smooth experience. We have various channels of support opened to our user, and we are there to hold your hand through every action you take on this platform if you need us to do so. Our support channels include:

1.  Intercom support

We have an online support chat system that is available to you 24 hours a day. However, our agents are online from 8 am - 4 pm every weekday. 

To initiate a chat, click on the blue icon at the bottom right corner of your screen, then select "New Conversation." You can start chatting with any of our agents immediately.

2. Email Support:
You can send us your support request or issues at our email support@guava.africa.

3. Help Centre: Guava help center is quite robust and has a lot of helpful materials that are designed to answer any question you may have about the platform. The FAQ section of the help center is continuously updated to provide answers to most frequently asked questions.

Using Guava Features

See here for more on how to use the features available to you on Guava

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