Supported digital assets

Trading fees

Guava charges 0.5% in commission on all trades on the exchange.

Asset deposit fees

Guava operates a zero-fee on digital asset deposit policy. So, you can be assured that when you transfer your Bitcoin, Ripple or Ethereum into your Guava wallets, we will not be charging any deposit fee.

Fiat (Naira) deposit fees

Depositing in Naira is free. We, however, advise that you be aware that your banks may include transfer charges depending on your method of payment. View full details here.

Asset withdrawal fees

Asset transfer or withdrawal fees are the fees payable when a digital asset is moved from your Guava wallet to an external wallet. Transfer of coins from a Guava wallet to a different platform incurs a network transaction fee which is then passed on to you. The schedule of withdrawal fees for each supported asset is presented below:

  • The fee sometimes varies depending on the network traffic.

Fiat Withdrawal Fees

When you withdraw from Guava to your bank account in Naira, a small withdrawal processing fee of N200 is applied.

Withdrawal is done twice daily, at 12 pm and 6 pm. Withdrawal requests made between 5 p.m. of a day and 11 a.m. of the next day will be met with the 12 pm batch while those made between the hours of 11 am and 5 pm is processed with the 6 pm batch.

View full details on how to withdraw here.


  1. Withdrawals into bank accounts are carried out only on business days, that is, Monday to Friday. 
  2. The payment transaction may be completed within minutes or hours. The time varies from bank to bank and sadly isn’t within our control.

How to deposit into Guava Bank Account

  1. Chose a method of payment (Cash Deposit or Transfer)
  2. Make payment to the details provided here


  1. Recheck details before confirming a transaction
  2. Guava will never ask for your access to your bank account

How much am I charged when I buy or sell?

When it comes to buying and selling your digital asset at pocket-friendly fees, Guava gives you that. We operate transparently, and you can be assured that you won't have to deal with issues of undeclared or hidden charges. 

Guava displays your transaction summary on the right side of the screen, and this includes the buying/selling price as well as the Guava transaction fee. The transaction fee is usually about 0.5% of the total transaction amount, but this may sometimes vary based on Network.

Instant buy/sell transaction limit

The existing limits per buy/sell transactions are as provided in the table below. However, please note the following:

  1. These limits are applied per instant buy/sell transaction. 
  2. There is no limit on the number of transactions that can be done. 
  3. These limits do not apply to the exchange.
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